Version 29 Firmware Released

I have been working to improve the reliability and tolerance of wifi disruptions on the messaging experience over the last couple weeks. Previously, the device would display...

Device Location Available

Finished up one of the most requested features for the basic level of messaging. User configurable locations that are set per device. Now you can login to your message dashboard and in each device there is a "Location" setting. This setting is accessible by the tag...

First Prototypes Are In Stock

I built my first set of 5 prototypes, 2 are going to be kept here for testing, but I am selling the remaining right now.  Head over to the shop and get one today.

Golden Tee Fore Complete Style Message Loop Demo

Here is a (rather long) video capturing the basics of the Marquee Messenger default sign functionality.  These are the messages that will be shown if you stick with the default messaging.  It is also a good demonstration of the currently supported message animation styles.  Single line scroll to the left, and dual line, top line scrolled in from the top, and the bottom line scrolled to the left.

Device Dashboard First Steps

Logging into the Device Dashboard The main website and store use a different user login system than the device dashboard.  You can signup for a new account by clicking on the "Device Dashboard" link in the menu above, then selecting "Sign Up"...

Here to breathe a little life back into your GoldenTee Marquee.

Grab one of the prototypes

I will be building a handful of prototypes to sell to early adopters in the GoldenTee community.  Get yours now.