Logging into the Device Dashboard

Step 1: Create a user in the device dashboard

The main website and store use a different user login system than the device dashboard.  You can signup for a new account by clicking on the “Device Dashboard” link in the menu above, then selecting “Sign Up” in the logon screen you see.  Please use the same email you used when purchasing the Marquee Messenger Prototype.

Step 2: Profile Page

After signing up or logging in you will be taken to your profile page.  It is a very simple page right now that will show you any devices you have claimed, and any message sets you have created.  Since this is your first login, lets claim your first device.  You remember that device id that you copied during your wifi setup?  Type it in to the text entry box in the “Claimed Devices” section.  And click Claim Device.

Step 3: Verify Your Display Messages

Now that you have claimed your device, you should see it in the devices list.  You should also notice that the error message on the GoldenTee Topper has changed to “Error, No Message Set Selected”.  If you see those things, then things are going GREAT!

Step 4: Select Message Set For Device

Your dashboard uses the active message set for your device to determine what message to show next.  Your newly claimed device will not likely have a message set selected.  Click on the device, to navigate to the device settings page.  There you should see some basic info about your device, and importantly a place to set the active message set.

Step 5: Select Your Message Set

In the Message Set field drop down the selection and choose the Default Messages message set.  This will start sending messages to you display that approximate the original GT Fore messages.  After selecting your message set, click Update.  You should see the messages start showing up on your display shortly.

Step 6: Learn More.

Basic custom messaging is supported through Custom Message Sets.  Head back to your profile and try it out.