Connecting Your Device To WiFi

Step 1: Unpack and Inspect

Your control board should arrive well packed, and without any damage.  Inspect your board and let me know if you see any damage.  The pins are pretty sturdy, but double check they are straight.

Step 2: Locate a usb cord to power up the wifi module

Lets take a moment to make sure that your wifi module can connect to your network.  Find a standard micro usb power cable.  A charger or directly connecting to a usb power will provide enough power.  You should see 2 lights.  One will always be blue, it blinks slowly as new messages are pulled from the server, the other will blink various colors and speeds.  Initially it will be blinking quickly and will also be blue.  This means you are ready to pair your wifi.

Step 3: Setup the Wifi.

The board should be blinking blue, and advertising a wifi network that starts with MarqueeMessenger.  Connect to it using your windows PC.  The board is waiting for you at  At the top of the page, you will see your device ID.  Copy this somewhere, you will need it for the dashboard.  Scan and connect to your wifi.

The prototypes only allow wifi setups for a brief time at startup.  If you run into scanning errors or connection errors, try to cycle the power on the device and do the connection procedure as fast as possible.

Step 4: Remove the old control board.

Pop the back off your topper, its usually 6-8 screws, and 2 cable connectors to get the back panel (and the control board that is attached to it) free.  The connector are pretty sturdy.  Once you have the back off, pull the old control board off its 4 mounts by removing the nuts on each corner.

Step 5: Install Marquee Messenger Board

There are 4 plastic standoffs that space the old control board on its mounting studs.  Transfer these into the new board.  Then attach the new control board so that the connectors are located in the same orientation as the original, you will only be using 2 of the original mounting studs.  Screw them down.

Step 6: Connect the power and led connectors

The 4 pin power connector and the 16 pin led connector both have latches on one side to help retain them.  Take a look at the connectors and plugs and make sure you line up the bumps with the latches.  (they are in the same orientation as the originals)  Plug them in and plug in the power.  You should see some startup messages right away on your topper.