Marquee Messenger Prototype Assembled Board

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Fully assembled and tested in my shop.  This board will connect to your wifi network at your house, and will communicate with our api’s to show various messages.

Product Highlights

  • Adds custom messaging capabilities to your 2 board Golden Tee Topper. (we currently don’t have a solution for the toppers that only have 1 pcb for the display and the controller).
  • Installs without any modifications to the existing wiring or enclosure.
  • Much lower heat load on components.  Many of the older dual board toppers show significant heat damage in the power connectors, I have traded the older transistors for much lower resistance FETs.  Less resistance leave less heat on the electronics.
  •  Installs using the same mounting hardware as the old control board.
  • Supports dual line text messages, and single line text messages.  Currently limited to simple scrolling, but the processor is capable of much more.

Product Limitations

  • ONLY support GoldenTee Tournament Toppers that have separate controller and led boards.
  • The product requires and active internet connection that is accessible via wifi.
  • Wifi setup REQUIRES a windows pc/laptop within wifi range of the device and the router during setup.
  • My intention is to provide basic default messages that are not user configurable to all boards for free, additionally to that I am planning on building 2 levels of custom messaging support.
    • Default – A preset group of messages that are appropriate for essentially reproducing the attract messages that were originally on the display – this option will be free to all users that purchase a board.
    • Basic Custom Messaging – Will allow the user access to the dashboard and the ability to enter custom messages that are essentially static messages of your choice – this option will eventually be a small monthly fee likely a dollar or two to cover hosting and maintenance for the dashboard server.  Prototypes will come with at least 1 year of this service for free as these features are developed.
    • Advanced Messaging – (yet to exist) will allow users to choose from dynamic data that can be displayed in custom messages.  The exact features are yet to be determined, but access to them would likely cost a slightly higher monthly charge.
  • The prototype boards are not hardened against static electricity.  Installing them should be done carefully.  They are not particularly susceptible to damage but repeated static shocks (even those that you might not feel) WILL damage this board.
  • Limited longevity testing has occurred on the product line.  I have observed no heat or reliability issues so far but this product is still in prototype stages, as such I will warranty them against defects for a short time after purchase (30-45 days?), but long term support or repair will likely be limited to replacement with later revisions of the electronics, possibly at a reduced cost if the failure was due to known defects.


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